Information technology application plan in operation of state agencies of Quang Nam province in 2017 

On 05/01/2017, the People's Committee of Quang Nam province issued the document No. 56 / KH-UBND on application of information technology in the operation of state agencies of Quang Nam province in 2017.

The target for 2017 ICT application in Quang Nam is as follows:

- Regarding the application of information technology within state agencies: 90% of cadres and civil servants use public e-mails; 100% of documents and official documents exchanged between state agencies are carried out online; 100% of departments, districts, towns, cities apply the system of managing documents and managing the work; 100% state agencies have a Page / Portal and provide full level 2 online public services; Upgrading 30% of Level 2 public services to Level 3 on Provincial Portal; 100% state agencies have applied IT for management of staffs, finance and accounting, public administration and budget;

- On IT application for people and enterprises: 100% of departments, branches, districts, towns and cities supply information on procedures and dossiers for handling administrative procedures on the website. of their units (providing online services at level 2); One-Stop-shop implementation: reaching 100% of departments, branches, districts, towns and cities; 30% at commune level; Transfer of dossiers from commune to provincial level; Providing about 200 basic public services online level 3, 4 serving people and enterprises;

- Regarding the development of human resources in information technology: To build up a contingent of qualified IT experts to meet the requirements on deployment and operation of e-Government; ensuring the safety and security of information network in the province; 100% of departments, branches, districts, towns and cities have IT staffs;

- Regarding the assurance of information safety: To promulgate the Regulation on assurance of information safety and network security at the provincial level; 100% of the branches of the province, districts, towns and cities have regulations to ensure information security and network security.

To accomplish the above objectives, the People's Committee of Quang Nam province has issued the following key contents for implementation in 2017:

1. Development of technical infrastructure: upgrading local networks (LAN) to ensure that 100% of officials of departments, committees, sectors, districts, towns and cities have computers to work and connect. broadband internet; continue to deploy the WAN system and upgrade and expand the provincial data integration center; upgrading provincial provincial transmission system; invest in IT facilities and equipment.

2. Applying information technology within state agencies: To organize the operation and effective exploitation of software for management of documents and administration of professional operations at agencies and units; To implement the scheme on application of specialized digital signatures; build mail server system; build a shared, integrated platform at the provincial level; To build and deploy the software system serving the center of public administration and investment promotion.

3. Application of IT to serve the people and enterprises: to upgrade the website / portal at provincial level; Online provision of online services at the level of 3, 4; To form a channel for receiving comments on the network environment and training and disseminating information to the people on the electronic door and online public services.

4. To build and perfect the specialized information systems for computerization of the disciplined procedures within the units and the inter-branch operational procedures with the concerned units;

5. Development of human resources in IT especially human resources to ensure information security, network security.

Tran Thi Duyen

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