Division of System Integration 

Pursuant to Decision No. 149/QĐ-THH dated October 8, 2018 by the Director-General of the Authority of Information Technology Application, the Division of Information System is renamed Division of System Integration...

The Division of System Integration inherits the rights, obligations, responsibilities and personnel of the Division of Information System. The Division continues to perform the functions and tasks of the Division of Information System until the Director-General decide on the division's functions, tasks and powers of the Division of System Integration.


The Division of System Integration is a unit under the Authority of Information Technology Application which performs the advisory functions for the Director-General to perform the task of state management concerning information systems, architecture building, information system model, e-Government architecture, and to build and maintain the management of the compatible framework of Vietnam e-Government.

Tasks and powers:

1. To propose and develop policies, legal documents, application plans regarding the models, architecture, compatible framework and technical standards of IT application, e-Government, Internet of Things (IoT) in state agencies.

2. To organize the development and management of information systems and data centers; to advise the leaders on the performance of the state management function regarding development activities of information systems on a national scale; to guide, coordinate, oversee, and inspect the development activities of information systems on a national scale which use the state capital budget.

3. To study, propose, and participate in the development, management and maintenance of the Vietnam e-Government Architecture Framework. In which, to assume the prime responsibility for developing, managing and maintaining the application reference model, technical reference model, information security reference model, e-Government architecture specification model, Vietnam e-Government architecture maturity model, management information system of Vietnam e-Government and compatible framework of Vietnam e-Government.

4. To participate in developing, maintaining, giving instructions on the application of, inspecting, and evaluating the List of technical standards of IT application in state agencies, interconnection, integration, sharing of information and data among ministries, sectors and localities.

5. To inspect and evaluate the compliance with Vietnam e-Government Architecture Framework; to evaluate the maturity level of ministerial e-Government architecture and provincial e-Authority architecture.

6. To organize the implementation and management of the information system which manages shared electronic lists of state agencies for the purpose of developing Vietnam e-Government.

7. To organize the implementation of QCVN 102:2016/BTTTT on the Identifier structure and data packet format which connect document management and operation systems; to guide, inspect, and evaluate the compliance with the legal provisions on connection, interconnection between document management and operation systems, serving the exchange of electronic documents among state agencies.

8. To organize and guide the connection of information networks, implementing the Decision No. 45/2016/QĐ-TTg dated October 19, 2016 by the Prime Minister regarding receiving dossiers and returning the results of resolved administrative procedures via the public postal service.

9. To research on the development of, and implement pilot models of electronic agencies and e-Authority in order to propose and advise the Director-General on mechanisms, policies to guide and diffuse in state agencies.

10. To participate in managing and supervising the development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems in the Ministry of Information and Communications.

11. To lead organization of, and participate in, scientific and technological research activities and international cooperation related to the unit's activities.

12. To lead the implementation of programs, schemes, and projects on IT application and e-Government as assigned by the Director-General.

13. To guide and coordinate in activities concerning IT application and e-Government development in agencies and organizations all over the country as assigned by the Director-General.

The Division's Executives:

1. Head of Division: Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan

Email: tqtuan@mic.gov.vn;

2. Deputy Head of Division: Mr. Le Nhat

Email: lenhat@mic.gov.vn;

3. Deputy Head of Division: Mr. Đo Tien Thanh

Email: dtthanh@mic.gov.vn.

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